(Capsicum baccatum)

Native in the Peruvian coast, particularly from the central and southern zones, it is the main dried chilli or Pruvian sun-dried chilli. It is dried on the plant, and it is sold dried to be used whole or ground. Because it is one of the least spicy chillies but of deep colour, it is perfect for gravies and seasonings.
The Panca chilli or Ají Panca as it’s known in South America the second most popular chilli in Peruvian cuisine behind the better known Aji Amarillo chilli. Many food historians believe that quinoa and the chillies native to Peru are the “lost crops” of the Incas. Aji Panca has the same appearance and shape of the Aji Amarillo chilli but with a fresher, lighter flavor. The Aji Panca goes from a yellowish green and ripens to a dark red burgundy color. They measure 8-10 cm in length and 3-4 cm across while the chilli’s flesh is medium thick. The pods are typically left on the plants to partially dry before harvesting where they are then sun-dried. Even in its native Peru you are more likely to only find these as dried chiles and very rarely fresh. Aji Panca chillies have a fruity, berry like flavor with aromatic, smoky taste and a mild lingering heat which is similar to chipotle chillies but not near as overpowering.The Aji Panca chilli is used almost daily in Peru as a condiment due to its beautiful color and uncommon flavor.
We are aware that we are opening new markets with new chilli varieties by making use of the internationalization of eating habits. As a result, Panca chilli and Aji Amarillo from Peru are part of this process, which influences the eating habits in Europe and thus our innovations in PRODERNA ® tested and audited quality are welcomed by our customers.


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500 -1.500 scoville
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