The company J. H. Lüttge GmbH does not only consider spices, dried vegetables, herbs and mushrooms as pure merchandise. Our products mean much more to us. They are synonymous with more than 30 years of partnership and personal care, relationships with producers and suppliers around the world. This has led to a unique networking of our global procurement markets with joint ventures for cultivation and production as well as exclusive distribution rights for Europe. It is the respect for the global producers of our goods, their way of life and the absolute trust in their decades of performance combined with the respect and understanding for the needs of our European industrial customers. This back to back position is the kind that distinguishes us in successful day-to-day business. Every decision is only for the satisfaction of our customers. With this philosophy, we achieve a great deal of trust in the long term and enjoy working together as partners.

Our dominant market position in chilli products is impressively confirmed with over 25 varieties – whole, crushed and ground also steam sterilized and constantly expanding with innovative unrivaled product developments. These now include classics that have been around since imported for many years with increasing sales. Proof that our uncompromising quality control is specialis rewarded by our customers for chilli products. Our strength is the constant availability of container lots in our warehouse in Hamburg.

Our strength of performance is also demonstrated in pepper imports – we always have stocks in container lots of pepper white & black conventional as well as organic – analyzed according to EU food law regulations.