(Capsicum frutescens)

Birdseye is also called as African Devil Chilli. Birdseye chilli is tiny, green and when matured the color changes to bright red. The pungency varies from the place and environmental condition it receives. It is widely available in African countries like Zimbabwe, and Malawi, Kenya and Uganda. They may appear small but they pack a burning punch and can contain between 100,000-120,000 Scoville Units, almost as hot as a Habanero.
Some sources state that the name birds eye comes from these chilli bushes being started by birds picking and dropping the chillis. Birds don’t feel any effects from chilli oil therefore they don’t get the burning sensation humans do.
Birds Eye chillies are one of the easiest species to grow and maintain. They are a thick bush with lightweight fruit and are very forgiving. They can grow in sandy soil conditions to rich soil conditions. As with every other chillie they enjoy humid climates and moisture.


100.000 – 120.000

These chillies can withstand cold climates too even down to -20 °C. They will loose all their leaves but when spring comes they will re-shoot and fruit. Birds Eye bushes will mature and fruit very quickly, it takes about between 90-120 days and the bushes are known to last several years.



100.000 – 120.000 scoville
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