(Capsicum anuum)

In Spanish, Pasilla means “little raisin”, an allusion to the deep brown dried pods and raisin like aroma of this flavourful Chilli. The long thin walled glossy dark green fruit at the immature stage ripen to dark chocolate brown with high yields and uniform high quality. When used fresh Pasilla are called chilaca and add a rich flavour to enchilada and chilli sauces.

Shiny and dark blackish-green, the Pasilla offers a gentle but complex flavour. Its rich mellow taste blends mild herbaceous qualities with berry and grape. The Pasilla has a thick flesh and grows five to 15 or 20cm long. It can range from mild to fairly hot. Its dark colour is caused from the mixing of red and green pigments in the plant. As it matures, it turns red and develops a sweet flavour.



1.000 – 1.500



1.000 - 1.500 scoville
Art.-Nr. 4015

  • Art.-Nr. 4015-1
  • Art.-Nr. 4015-2
    Crushed 3-5mm
  • Art.-Nr. 4015-3
    Crushed 1-3mm
  • Art.-Nr. 4015-4