(Capsicum PUBESCENS )

The rocoto is a native to Peru and dates back to pre-Inca times, its cultivation dates back to about 5,000 years ago finding traces of his presence in the Guitarrero Caves:
Growing areas are in the area of “jungle” where the mountain ends and begins the forest, in the eastern part of the Peruvian Andes:.

Rocoto, which is basically the common name for chilies of the species capsicum pubescens.  The name capsicum pubescens directly indicates an important property of the rocotos: the plants are pubescent – that is “hairy”. Like stinging nettles, tiny trichomes grow on shoots and leaves, but they do not burn on the hairy chilli, but only emit a very pungent scent when touched. A German name for this species is often “Baum Chili”. It comes from the fact that Rocotos in their homeland are often many years old and several meters high – almost like a real tree. This  apple shape juicy and delicious  chilli is the flagship of Peru, it is consumed fresh, paste, dried and / or ground. Rocotos are perhaps the spicy dumplings par excellence. With their sharpness they play their true strength through their aroma and their shape or size.


30.000 -50.000



30.000 -50.000 scoville
Art.-Nr. 4060

  • Whole
    Art.-Nr. 4060-1
  • Crushed
    Art.-Nr. 4060-2
  • Powder
    Art.-Nr. 4060-3