Since the foundation of the J.H. Lüttge GmbH in 1990 we have maintained the unqualified principle that we offer our customers exquisite quality. The principle of quality is therefore an essential part of our company philosophy, including all steps of the production process for chilli products, and it assumes highest priority in our daily thinking and actions.

On the basis of our experience, the years of quality controls that have been carried out, and also the documentation and assessments of our analysis results, we are able to create detailed risk profiles for a wide variety of chilli products. This results in a highly specialised Inspection plan, in which not only the above-mentioned buying samples are tested  but also shipment samples from the country of origin, acceptance samples on receipt of the goods in our warehouse. After a precisely planned sampling procedure, the corresponding chilli samples are analysed. Specialised, independent and certified laboratories are used for these tests. That is how we guarantee that the newest technology and the best methodological competence are always at our disposal.

Besides testing the quality characteristics of then product itself, special attention is paid to an examination  of possible pesticide residues and contaminants. The internal limit bounds that are prescribed by our quality assurance department, and which must lie below the examination parameters, often display stricter standards than the already strict legal standards set by German food legislation.

For the assurance and further development of our quality demands, J.H. Lüttge GmbH had established a Quality Assurance Management System some years ago. In this system procedures for quality assurance and improvement are defined. Fulfilment of these regulations is audited on a regular basis. All processes and procedures fulfil the regulations for foodstuff hygiene, which have been documented in our in-house HACCP concept.
We constantly meet the challenge of new product innovations and quality improvements  to serve our clients and react on international market trends.